Problem-Solver’s Daily: Party votes

PARTY VOTES: “The House this week will vote on a ten-year Republican budget plan while the Senate debates a bill that Democrats believe will lead to more equal wages for male and female workers. Neither bill has a shot of ever clearing Congress, but both parties are looking to appeal to their base by debating measures that appeal to those voters,” writes Susan Ferrechio. Lawmakers need to create goals together rather than hold votes for election purposes: Susan Ferrechio for the Washington Examiner: House Republicans this week tackle budget plan while Senate Dems push paycheck fairness
JOBLESS BILL ADVANCES AND STALLS: The Senate voted 59-38 yesterday to pass a bill restoring unemployment benefits that expired late last year. House Republicans though are not expected to bring the bill to the floor in their chamber as they want a proposal that includes measures to increase private-sector jobs: Kathleen Hunter for Bloomberg: Jobless Benefits Stalled Even With U.S. Senate Passage
EXECUTIVE ACTION: “Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) late Monday said implementing immigration reform would be ‘almost impossible' if President Obama continues to sign executive orders to change the system,” writes Rebecca Shabad. Our lawmakers should work together, not alone: Rebecca Shabad for The Hill: Boehner warns Obama on executive orders
NO LABELS RADIO: Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College, discussed women in STEM fields with Sen. Evan Bayh and No Labels Co-Founder Kiki McLean last weekend on No Labels Radio.Listen to the clip here.
STAT OF THE DAY: Americans believe in the importance of postsecondary education, with more than nine in 10 (94 percent) saying a postsecondary degree or credential is at least somewhat important and 70 percent saying it is very important: Valerie J. Calderon and Susan Sorenson for Gallup: Americans Say College Degree Leads to a Better Life


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