Problem-Solver’s Daily: Playing the blame game

PLAYING THE BLAME GAME: On Friday, President Barack Obama blamed Republicans for standing in the way of ideas to help Americans. “Republicans, Obama said, have just this year opposed efforts to raise the minimum wage, extend unemployment insurance, overhaul the student loan system and install pay equity for women,” writes Bernie Becker. This comes in the same week that House Speaker John Boehner threatened to sue the president for overstepping authority. Our lawmakers were elected to solve problems, not argue with each other. We need a National Strategic AgendaBernie Becker for The Hill: Obama: I’ll act on my own
DEADLINES LOOMING: While the chances of ambitious legislative deals are slim before the November elections, there are issues with deadlines that Congress must address. The Highway Trust Fund is currently running on fumes and will need additional funding in order to keep projects operating. Meanwhile the Export-Import bank and government funding both face critical deadlines at the end of September: Damian Paletta for The Wall Street Journal: For Congress, Three Shoes Left to Drop: Highway Bill, Ex-Im Bank Charter, Government Funding
IMMIGRATION REFORM ANNIVERSARY: Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Senate passing an immigration reform bill. Find out what has happened since then and what the future may hold for immigration.
STAT OF THE DAY: In a recent Pew Research Center poll, 28 percent of those surveyed could not identify which party controls the House or Senate: Jaime Fuller for The Washington Post: 1 in 4 Americans have no idea which party controls the Senate or the House


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