Problem-Solver’s Daily: Putting country first

PUTTING COUNTRY FIRST: No Labels Co-Chair Governor Jon Huntsman recently spoke at UCLA about the need for lawmakers to put our country first. “He argued that the prospects for bipartisanship were looking up. The No Labels movement has brought 94 members of Congress from both sides of the aisle together in the ‘Problem-Solvers Coalition.' These lawmakers meet regularly to build trust and start negotiations on how to resolve crucial problems. In his opinion, the No Labels movement will be the key to solving the ‘do-nothing nature of Congress,'” writes Jacob Goldberg: Jacob Goldberg for the UCLA International Institute: Jon Huntsman urges the United States to get its political house in order
MINIMUM WAGE VOTE: Republican Senators blocked a Democratic effort to raise the federal minimum wage, but members from both parties continue to call for compromise on the deal. “I’m going to push forward to find common ground with my colleagues and hope to strike a compromise that will increase the minimum wage. It would be shameful to walk away from this session without any progress,” said Problem Solver Senator Angus King: Niels Lesniewski for Roll Call: GOP Filibusters Minimum Wage Hike (Updated)
TRAFFIC JAM: In the next few months, the Highway Trust Fund, which pays for infrastructure projects across the country, could run out of money. Congress must work together and find a way to solve this problem: Jake Sherman and Adam Snider for POLITICO: Washington's next cliff
NO LABELS RADIO: Did you miss The New York Times‘ Peter Baker on No Labels Radio last weekend? Catch up here!
ACTION OF THE DAY: Read Former OMB Director and Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Alice Rivlin's excerpt in our book, No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America.
STAT OF THE DAY: Nearly eight in 10 workers are upbeat about using their computers and mobile devices to stay connected to work outside of normal working hours: Jim Harter, Sangeeta Agrawal and Susan Sorenson for Gallup: Most U.S. Workers See Upside to Staying Connected to Work


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