Rebecca Rothstein

Rebecca Rothstein


A mother and grandmother, Rebecca Rothstein is committed to charting a more positive future for the nation for eight reasons: her eight grandchildren.

“It’s all about my grandchildren,” she says.

Born in Canada, Rebecca lived in New Jersey before her family settled in Sherman Oaks, Calif., where she raised her children and built a career in the financial industry.

“I just could never have imagined the cesspool that politics has become,” she says. “The rhetoric and hatred have hit new lows. If you were a mother, you would tell them, ‘Break it up!’”

Issues of public safety worry her as she navigates her family through rituals that were otherwise calm and peaceful, like going to the mall or dining out at restaurants.

A while ago, sitting at her kitchen counter, she logged onto a virtual event hosted by No Labels and tears fell from her eyes as she listened to former Sen. Joe Lieberman speak eloquently about his vision for the nation.

“He was so thoughtful,” she recalls. “He was so genuine. I miss that in our political leaders. I’m so sad about what is happening to our country with divisions splitting families, communities and the nation.”

Rebecca is drawn to No Labels’ moderate approach to typically hot-button issues like immigration, abortion and gun safety. “Everything should be discussed from a balanced perspective,” she says.

The idea of a third choice in the 2024 election is visionary, says Rebecca. “It gives me hope.”