Reclaiming Democracy This Independence Day

Reclaiming Democracy This Independence Day

I hope you’re having a restful Fourth of July weekend. For me, this day has always been a chance to bring friends and family together, celebrate our nation's greatness, and honor the ideals that make America special.

However, as we gather this year, many of us are concerned about the state of our democracy. Last Thursday's presidential debate was a stark reminder of the challenges we face. Instead of a compelling vision for the future, we witnessed two historically unpopular candidates failing to address the critical issues of our time—soaring national debt, broken border security and immigration systems, and rising global threats.

Americans are right to be frustrated—in the most important election of our lifetimes, we’re being asked to choose between two candidates most of us didn’t want. Make no mistake—efforts by partisan insiders to quash the No Labels Unity project earlier this year weren’t just an attack on us, but on every member of the commonsense majority who wanted another path forward for the country.

But in moments like these, we have to remember that our love for this country is what drives us to demand better. We are inspired by the courage of the Founders, who, almost 250 years ago, declared America a free and democratic nation. Their vision was one of unity, purpose, and a government that truly represents its people.

Despite the obstacles posed by entrenched party establishments and dark money interests that pushed for this rematch, we at No Labels believe in the power of the American spirit. We believe in a democracy that offers real choices and solutions. This goes beyond just the 2024 presidential election; if our democracy is to thrive for generations to come, every American's voice must be heard and valued.

We have two choices: we can either resign ourselves to frustration, or we can rise to the occasion and work towards a brighter future. Let’s take this Fourth of July as a wake-up call to reclaim our democracy and fulfill the promise of our Founders.

Looking ahead, we anticipate the period after this election will be even more contentious than 2020. With both sides already threatening revenge or resistance against the other candidate, we must be prepared to use our movement to remind the country that we are one nation.

Today, however, let's resolve to carry on the legacy established at this nation’s founding. Let’s come together with a shared love for this country and fight for a democracy that reflects the best of America. The journey ahead won't be easy, but with determination and unity, we can ensure that our nation's future is as bright as our Founders envisioned.