Resolutions & Goals Setting


House and Senate Resolutions:

The Power of Goal Setting

No Labels is working with allies in Congress to introduce resolutions calling on lawmakers of both parties to make goal-setting a primary component of the way that each chamber does business. H.Res.207 was introduced to the House and Senate in the summer of 2015.

The No Labels approach is based on a clear principle: the first step in getting our country out of the ditch and back in gear is for our legislators to set aside their party loyalties, get together and agree to a specific set of national goals BEFORE getting into the weeds of policy-making.

The resolutions further stipulate that each body commit itself to pursuing the Four Goals, and to do so in a spirit of cooperation that puts the needs of the nation before loyalty to a party.

If passed, these resolutions would represent the first time that the Congress has committed to a specific methodology for solving the nation’s problems.

Our members are applying the pressure from the outside, contacting their representatives, urging them to sign on to the Resolutions and reminding them that they are there to do the people’s business.

Add your voice to the mix and help usher in a new era of problem-solving in DC.


It is not enough for our leaders to say they want to 'unite and not divide.' Getting leaders on both sides of the aisle to agree to big goals first and then delve into the policy details is the path forward.

Nancy Jacobson
Founder of No Labels