Sen. McCain: “America’s Best Days Are Still Ahead”

It’s time to put everything on the table. Yesterday on No Labels Radio, guest Senator John McCain said, “I saw a poll yesterday that 77 percent of the American people feel that the members of Congress acted like spoiled children. Seventeen percent said that they believed they acted in a mature fashion. Now, having only been back in Arizona for a couple of days, I have met no one in the 17 percent group.”

Americans have watched our leaders pass blame, say “no” and “never,” and we’re ready to see teamwork. “A little good news I think was the Gang of Six,” McCain said. “That was three Democrats and three Republicans that sat down for months together. They had their problems…they did come up with a proposal that I think will be a blueprint for the way we have to move forward if we are ever going to get this debt and deficit under control.”

McCain mentioned Senator Rob Portman as a member of Congress he would like to see appointed to the “Super” Committee because of his fiscal experience and his willingness to put everything out there. “There’s an untapped reservoir of people willing to work with the other side,” he added.

Though hyper-partisan behavior has pushed our elected officials to extreme ends, the new bipartisan committee has an opportunity to bring them back together. Confident that America’s best days lie ahead, Senator McCain said, “If the committee is able to get our country back on track, I think we may start seeing some changes in Washington.”               

Listen to the full recording of this week’s radio show below.


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