Spending bill passed

SPENDING BILL PASSED: The Senate passed the $1 trillion spending bill Thursday, sending the legislation to President Barack Obama for his signature. The bill, which passed in a 72-26 vote, funds the government through fiscal year 2014 and will keep it open through September. Lawmakers need to build on this momentum and work across the aisle throughout the year: David Rogers for POLITICO: Senate approves $1.1 trillion spending bill
MEMBERS RETIRE: Several members of Congress have announced their retirement recently — and some say gridlock is the reason why they decided not to seek re-election. “Gridlock and dysfunction, that infuriating inability to get things to happen, can often seem like hopeless abstractions, as if it were just some eternal and unsolvable mess up on Capitol Hill,” writes Susan B. Glasser. No Labels is offering a simple solution for ending gridlock in Washington in our new e-book, No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America.
FARM BILL PROGRESS: In an across-the-aisle deal, Congress is close to resolving the main issue in the stalled passage of the farm bill. Rep. Collin Peterson, a Democrat, believes he and Speaker John Boehner, a Republican, can create a deal that will end the stalemate on how to change federal support for the dairy industry. There is a small window to pass the new five-year plan in January, but there is limited time before Republicans go on an annual retreat:Kristina Peterson for The Wall Street Journal: Farm Bill Negotiator: Dairy Impasse is Mostly Resolved
NO LABELS RADIO: Gov. Jon Huntsman will speak to Sen. Joe Manchin, Panera Bread CEO and No Labels Co-Founder Ron Shaich and Problem Solver Rep. Cheri Bustos Saturday on SiriusXM's No Labels Radio. Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 10 a.m., Eastern time, to SiriusXM's P.O.T.U.S. station (channel 124).
BOOK EXCERPT: “If the two political parties could focus on our shared goals for the country, we could improve our own productivity,” writes Problem Solver Rep. Reid Ribble in our new e-book titled No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America. In the book, Rep. Ribble discusses how members of Congress can solve the country's big problems, like the national debt and deficit spending. Click here to read more.
THE DAILY BREAK: Bao Bao, the National Zoo's new panda cub, will make her public debut on Saturday. Check out some photos of the adorable bear.
STAT OF THE DAY: According to a new Gallup poll, 89 percent of Americans polled said the economy is an “extremely” or “very important” issue for the government to deal with in the next year: Frank Newport and Joy Wilke forGallup: Americans Rate Economy as Top Priority for Government


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