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Social media is an efficient and effective way to spread the word about No Labels and our ideals of unity, bipartisanship, problem solving, and promoting an engaged-but-civil discourse. But being an effective social media communicator is harder than it looks. Check out below for some tips on how to make sure you positively and productively engage online, as well as some samples to get you started.


  • Keep your cool. It’s okay to be passionate, but remember one of the most important things we are trying to do as No Labels advocates is “turn down the temperature” when it comes to political discussions and debate. Stick to your principles, but don’t get rattled or upset. Calm is more persuasive than angry.


  • Keep it short. Some social platforms (like Twitter) limit how long your messages can be, but not all do. Regardless of which platform you choose to spread No Labels ideas, keep your messages as short as possible to increase the likelihood people will read and engage with what you are saying.


  • Stay positive. Focusing on the benefits of working together and finding common-sense solutions to issues that impact all Americans, regardless of political party, is the best way to have an impact and get others to work to promote the kind of bipartisanship that is necessary to affect real change on the issues that matter most.


  • Focus on the facts. Social media is full of opinions…if you want to make a point stick, include information (and links) to reliable data or materials that back up your point.


  • Be nice (and have a sense of humor). It’s sad to say, but many today use the relative anonymity of social media as an excuse to ignore the lessons we all learned as children about how to interact with others. Even if someone disagrees with you—and even if they are being rude—keep responding with a proverbial smile.


  • Build a network of like-minded activists. To expand your network, be sure to engage consistently and reciprocally: If someone engages with you, engage back (with a response or by liking or retweeting their stuff as they have with yours). And keep it up over time by amplifying positive voices and those you support and respectfully engaging with those you disagree with. Be consistent in what you say so people come to value you as a reliable messenger.


  • Get into someone else’s head. It’s important to communicate why an issue or idea is important to you, but to be truly persuasive online, try to understand the values and principles of the people with whom you are engaging—and frame your arguments accordingly.


Facebook Sample


Frustrated with the dysfunction in DC? Hoping for a more civil and productive future for our nation? Join the No Labels movement! We’re working hard to make 2019 the year of Unity! Help us create a responsive government that actually represents the interests of most Americans!


Twitter Sample


Tired of #gridlock? Hoping for more #civility & #bipartisanship for our nation? Join #NoLabels and help us make 2019 the year of #Unity and create a responsive government that actually represents the interests of #WeThePeople!

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