Statement by No Labels National Co-chair Senator Joe Lieberman on the Disinformation Governance Board

Disinformation activities by foreign governments in our country are a serious matter, and the Biden administration is correct to see them as threat to the integrity of our elections and politics. But the creation of a Disinformation Governance Board inside the Department of Homeland Security, headed by a person with past partisan involvement, has predictably created more heat than light, and turned a subject about which there is bipartisan concern into another partisan mud fight.

We need an agency to warn the public about foreign disinformation and expose foreign disinformers, but it is not DHS. I was present at the creation of DHS 20 years ago. It was given a wide range of authorities and responsibilities to protect America’s homeland security, but none of us there in the room intended or could have imagined that exposing disinformation would ever be its obligation. DHS already has more than enough to do.

The responsibility to expose disinformation should be placed elsewhere, perhaps with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and it should be led by a totally nonpolitical career officer. In taking on the dangers of disinformation, it is essential that our government act in a way that no one can reasonably fear or claim that their free speech is being monitored.


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