Statement on Jan. 6 from National Co-chairs Gov. Larry Hogan and Sen. Joe Lieberman

Many activists, politicians and pundits want to talk about the events of January 6, 2021 every day.

It’s the ultimate wedge issue they can use to gin up hatred and division and of course, clicks and campaign contributions.

No Labels does not play this game. And we will not base our support for House and Senate members on whether they play it either.

As the events of January 6, 2021 unfolded, No Labels released an unambiguous statement that then-President Donald Trump was responsible for unleashing the chaos on Capitol Hill with his “continued refusal to accept the will of voters and his incitement of his supporters.”

We thought it was important to state clearly what happened that day. We expected the same of our House and Senate allies.

But over a year later, we don’t expect our allies to talk about January 6 constantly just because a reporter sticks a mic in their face demanding comment on another outrageous or blatantly false comment from former President Trump about the 2020 election. All this does is feed the “renounce and denounce” cycle that drives so much of the news we read and distract from so much critical work that needs to be done.

Instead, we expect our allies to do the hard work and show the political courage required to forge two-party solutions to our big problems. That’s what many of them did last year by passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill. It’s what many of them are doing now in advancing urgent reforms of the Electoral Count Act and other policies to prevent January 6 from ever happening again.

Once again, while a bunch of political show horses preen for the cameras about how much they are fighting to protect our democracy, it’s the workhorses in No Labels’ House-Senate alliance who are actually doing it.

Ultimately, No Labels’ success depends on our ability to appeal to a broad majority of Democrats, Republicans and independents who are fed up with the influence of the extremes in our politics. 

This means we need to be a big tent.

This means we view most House and Senate Republicans as potential allies, on at least some issues, with the notable exceptions of several extreme far right members who continue to actively spread nonsense and dangerous conspiracies about January 6 and the last election.

No Labels will always operate from a place of principle but they must be our principles, not those imposed on us or our allies by the very same forces that have done so much to make our politics so dangerously dysfunctional in the first place.


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