No Labels Calls for Congress to Move Forward With Infrastructure Bill and Move off the “Totally Partisan Path” of Reconciliation

The bipartisan infrastructure bill now before the House fulfills the promise of what Congress and our country can achieve when leaders make the effort to find common ground. This bill proves Congress can still solve big national problems.

For months, President Biden and members from both parties and both chambers of Congress carefully negotiated this historic piece of legislation to meet a longstanding national challenge—to fix our decaying infrastructure—and create millions of good jobs. 

It’s a model for how Washington can work.

Unfortunately, the separate reconciliation package also before the House has followed a totally partisan path.

The reconciliation bill would be the most ambitious legislation from Washington in 60 years. But it has not gotten the scrutiny required of such a serious undertaking, with few committee hearings, no amendments, no budget score and little public debate. 

It is one party’s answer to some of America’s most serious problems, and does not meet No Labels’ challenge or America’s imperative to find two-party durable solutions that can endure no matter which party is in power. It’s a continuation of one of the most destructive trends in our politics, as both parties in recent years have tried to push transformative change with no input or votes from the other side.

For these reasons, Congress should pass the infrastructure bill immediately and send the various components of the reconciliation bill back to the relevant committees of jurisdiction, where members of both parties can work together to find bipartisan solutions, just as they have on the infrastructure bill.


Governor Larry Hogan

Senator Joe Lieberman

Co-Chairs, No Labels

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