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Here's a good idea: If Congress doesn't pass the budget on time–which it habitually fails to do–congressmen wouldn't be paid. It's being pushed by “a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents dedicated to a simple proposition: We want our government to work again,” according to its website.

Here is the group's pitch for the new law and a call for your support:

As you know, No Budget, No Pay is reform #1 in the No Labels Make Congress Work! action plan. It’s based on the common sense idea that members of Congress shouldn’t continue to receive paychecks – funded by taxpayers like you and me – if they don’t pass a federal budget on time. With Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announcing last Friday that he doesn’t intend to even bring a budget bill up for a vote this year, it’s clear that we need to turn up the heat on Congress to fulfill one of its most basic responsibilities: setting federal spending parameters and priorities. And there’s no better way to do that than making sure a Congress that does nothing gets paid nothing! Don’t wait … please send your message to your members of Congress immediately. The fact that a hearing on the No Budget, No Pay Act has been scheduled in the Senate so quickly after the legislation was introduced is a testament to the power of our No Labels movement. But unless our bill gets enough co-sponsors, all our hard work could go to waste. That’s why it’s critical for you to give your members of Congress a push right now. Thanks for all you’re doing to make Congress work!

This makes perfect sense. I'd also throw in the president on the no-pay list also since he is a part of the budgetary process.

Read the full legislation here.


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