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Dear Friend,

This moment—right now—is why No Labels exists.

America may not know the identity of our president for some time to come. It could get contentious in the days ahead and there will be so many forces threatening to tear this great country apart.

No Labels is doing our part to make sure we all hang together.

Today, we launched an unprecedented national ad—featuring Democratic Senator Joe Manchin and Republican Governor Larry Hogan—focused on the importance of Americans staying calm, and on our counting and respecting the votes in the post-election period.

Click here to see the ad

The ad is part of No Labels’ “Respect the Vote” campaign, which we hope you will join right now. This campaign aims to rouse Americans and remind us all that there is more at stake in 2020 than whether our preferred presidential candidate wins or loses this election.

Throughout our history— through wars, depressions, and previous pandemics—America has always had elections and respected the results.

As Senator Manchin says in the ad “If we lose that, we lose everything.”

So here’s what you can do right now to help this campaign. 1) Please share this ad with your network of friends and family. Its message is just that important; and 2) Will you consider chipping in $$$$ to the No Labels Media Fund to ensure we can keep running this ad on TV and online for days and weeks to come.

Every dollar you give to the Media Fund creates another opportunity for one of your fellow Americans to see this ad, to share it and to be reminded that America knows how to elect and inaugurate a president. We just need to let the election officials in every state do their jobs. Let the votes be counted. And let the process work, just like it has every four years for over 200 years.

In America, we always say voting is your chance to “stand up and be counted.” But now that the voting is over in this year that has been unlike any other, we are confronted with another “stand up and counted” moment. We need to do our part to ensure our fellow Americans stay calm and respect the vote.

Thank you,

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