Below is a draft email you can send to your friends and family!  Just copy and paste the language below and ask your network to join our movement!

I wanted to invite you to join me on an amazing daily call that has really given me a feeling of empowerment at a moment when this horrible virus seems to have so much control over everything else. Each day, I have been tuning into ZOOM calls hosted by No Labels, which have featured public health and policy experts, members of Congress and calls to action for everyone participating.

No Labels has been fighting for a decade to bring Americans and elected officials from both parties together to solve problems. That work has taken on a real urgency at this moment of crisis.

Here’s all you need to do to join No Labels. Just click here to sign the Problem Solver Creed, which is a short affirmation of what the entire No Labels movement is all about. Once you sign this, you’ll be able to meet an amazing group of people and join these ZOOM calls.

I hope you will sign the Problem Solver Creed and join me as part of No Labels. You won’t regret it.