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Building bridges and focusing on what unites instead of divides us is critical to building a more positive and effective political environment. And building bridges begins with positive and substantive conversations and communications. Here are a few key talking points to get you started when talking to family, friends, colleagues, and community members.


  • No Labels is a movement created for and driven by the tens of millions of Americans who believe the defining challenges of our time—immigration and border security, health care reform, escalating debt and entitlement crises—can only be solved with support from both political parties.


  • But today, our parties view one another as enemies to be destroyed instead of fellow citizens to be debated. The far right and far left are holding America hostage and are making governance impossible. The political center—where we have historically always met to find solutions—is falling apart. That’s why the work of No Labels is so important.


  • Our mission is to build a movement to unite a deeply divided country. But you don’t have to be a “centrist” or “moderate” to be a part of No Labels. Our ranks include liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between, who are working to bring our political leaders together to solve our toughest problems and to make our government work for the American people again.


  • We believe true leaders must be willing to compromise when that’s what it takes to push back on the extremes and move forward with ideas that make the American people’s lives better. With the extremes holding power while abdicating responsibility for using itt wisely, there is an opening for a realignment in American politics—and No Labels is poised to lead it.


  • We are not a third party. But we are a third bloc emerging as a powerful force advocating for the powerful idea of unity. In 2019, with the 2020 presidential election on the horizon, No Labels is undertaking a nationwide UNITY Campaign to help elect a president and Members of Congress who are willing to work with both parties to address the nation’s toughest issues. Throughout the year, we’ll be supporting candidates of both parties who believe more in moving forward together than in going left or going right.


  • We all care about the nation, and there is nothing wrong with being passionate in defense of one’s deeply held beliefs. But bully tactics and ideological purity tests are driving our politics ever further to the fringes, eroding trust among citizens and with institutions, and undermining Congress’ ability to craft common-sense compromises on important issues, serve the American people, and fulfill its constitutional role as a co-equal branch of government.


  • Outside of the Washington, D.C., bubble, the American people are not nearly as polarized as the pundits and talking heads would have us believe. In the places where ordinary citizens live, go to the grocery store, struggle to make ends meet, and love their family and friends, people want dealmakers. They want problem solvers. They want real leaders. These people have lately had almost no voice in America’s political system. But they do now thanks to No Labels.

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