The Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal: Good for Republicans, Good for America

With the Senate on the cusp of passing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, some Republicans are suddenly attacking the deal and making arguments that just don’t add up. The bipartisan infrastructure deal is a great deal for Republicans and most importantly, a great deal for America. Here’s why:

  1. Politics 101—pass things that are popular. The bipartisan infrastructure bill clears 70% support in survey after survey. In a poll of 16 key House districts held by Republicans, voter support ranged from 58-75%.
  2. The Senate bill is supported by nearly every major business group, union, and leader in your district – because it is manifestly pro-economic growth and pro-jobs.
  3. This isn’t entitlement spending and it’s not a giveaway. It’s an investment that delivers an economic return, which is why several studies, including one just out from Wharton, show it will grow the economy and actually reduce the deficit over time.
  4. America has a choice on China, which is spending about TEN times as much on infrastructure as a share of their economy as we do. We can make the necessary investments and outcompete and beat China OR we can fail to pass this bill and let them laugh as they churn out more propaganda like this, about how they have the best infrastructure in the world.
  5. If we don’t pass this bill now, the whole country will pay a lot more later. As President Reagan said, in one of his many speeches in support of federal infrastructure spending, “The bridges and highways we fail to repair today will have to be rebuilt tomorrow at many times the cost.”
  6. It’s got broad support from some of the most conservative Republican senators including Kevin Cramer, Mike Crapo, Deb Fischer, John Hoeven, James Risch, Dan Sullivan, and Roger Wicker, who all voted strongly in favor of this bill.
  7. This deal invests in things we desperately need. It will fix up roads and bridges; replace the aging dams and locks on the Mississippi River; send billions for water projects that will help the West in particular deal with droughts and improve water storage; and connect the 1/4th of rural residents who don’t have access to high-speed internet.
  8. As President Trump previously said about our infrastructure: “We are really way behind schedule. We are way behind other countries.” Well, this bill lets America catch up and it does it while preserving the entire 2017 Trump tax cuts package. The CBO and others can quibble with some of the payfors, but what else could you want?
  9. The accusation that this is the Green New Deal or some woke fantasy…is a fantasy. Democrats got concessions on a few language points. Republicans got so much investment our communities need, in a package that doesn’t raise taxes, after Republican negotiators cut down the cost of the bill, making it more focused than a one-party proposal would be.
  10. Bipartisan passage of this deal will work to the political benefit of Republicans and conservatives (even if President Biden will gain as well). Do you think Mitch McConnell, of all people, would have supported the bill if there was any were its passage would grease the skids for the $3.5 trillion dollar proposal that Nancy Pelosi, the Squad, and Bernie Sanders want to pass on a straight party-line vote?
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