The Responsibility of State Governance with David Crane

In this episode, you will hear from David Crane, a lecturer in Public Policy at Stanford University and the founder and president of Govern for California, which is working to bring a more pragmatic approach to state government. He also previously served as a special adviser to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Today, Crane will discuss the work of Govern for California and the critical, but often underappreciated, effect that local and state government has on our lives.

David Crane explains that when he began in state government advising Arnold Schwarzenegger, he was stunned by how little he knew about the state legislature, its role, and its relationship with the governorship. He goes on to note the vital need for people, companies and organizations to know the names of the state legislators who represent them on a local level. Although so many of us fixate on national politics, local politicians often have the most impact on our lives because they control and provide the social services that impact us daily.


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