Carrie Zeidman

Carrie Zeidman


As a Californian transplant now residing in the entertainment capital of the world in Las Vegas, Nev., Carrie Zeidman has embraced her role as Nevada’s No Labels state co-chair.

The tenth-generation Californian, who relocated to Las Vegas four years ago, is happy to live among like-minded centrists.

“People I’ve talked to here are in favor of No Labels and very enthusiastic, so it really does give me hope that the movement will have a positive effect on getting us a reasonable presidential candidate the nation could support,” says Carrie.

A graphic designer and illustrator by trade with a digital fine art gallery, Carrie also works in genealogy and historical research, volunteering for several historical societies.

She considers it very important to educate our nation’s children and young adults about the past and its importance. She worries the nation isn’t focused on important priorities of educating children in basic math and reading. Carrie, a board member of Hillel of Silicon Valley, an organization that serves the needs of Jewish students, says she is also concerned about the increasingly polarized direction the country is headed.

“It’s pretty depressing watching people get further and further to the right and left and not able to have a conversation with each other,” says Carrie. “I’m happy to support a movement that brings us to the middle.”