Barbara Guillory

Barbara Guillory


Born in New Orleans, La., Barbara Guillory has lived in Atlanta, Ga. for over three decades and serves today as the state co-chair of No Labels in Georgia.

With a long and successful career in real estate, Barbara volunteers for area non-profits advocating for the homeless, financial literacy and higher education. She has helped Atlanta-area residents raise money to live in affordable housing.

Barbara says, “The biggest factor in the stabilization of a family is a home.”

As a board member at the Atlanta Center for Self Sufficiency, a non-profit, Barbara helps area residents set financial goals, including securing a down payment for a home. Through a start-up that she started, DownPaymeAccess, Barbara helps women heads of household become homeowners.

In 2020, Barbara, frustrated by the divisiveness between the two political parties, joined No Labels. She became Georgia state co-chair at No Labels, amplifying No Labels message of bipartisan solutions.

“We’re looking for solutions that positively impact the people in our country. We are about improving the quality of life for people versus being divisive with one extreme or the other,” says Barbara. “By putting the country first before political parties, we all win, and No Labels is intent on including everyone.”