‘We’ll get through this together,’ Maryland Gov. Hogan says in bipartisan post-election video

As Americans await the final results of the presidential election, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan appears in a video for the bipartisan “No Labels” organization asking people to be patient and accept the results.

“We cast the votes, we count the votes and we respect the results,” Hogan says in the video, which features alternating clips of the Republican governor and U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, a Democrat from West Virginia.

The video is part of a $1 million ad campaign from the No Labels group that will run across cable TV, social media and radio, according to Hogan’s political organization, an America United.

The Hogan-Manchin ad is the first of several ads cut for the campaign, and was recorded before Tuesday’s Election Day unfolded.

The result of the presidential election remained unclear on Wednesday, with results still incomplete in several key states. President Donald Trump prematurely declared victory over Democratic challenger Joe Biden overnight, despite neither candidate having secured enough votes in the Electoral College to win.
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In the ad, Hogan and Manchin urge Americans to be patient and respect the results when they are finalized.

“We’re Republicans and Democrats who believe first, we’re Americans. And we have a message for all Americans: We’ll get through this together,” Hogan says in the ad.

Manchin adds: “It’s our duty to respect our democracy and work for America’s future.”

Hogan has drawn national attention for his rare position of being a Republican governor in a state typically dominated by Democrats. In early results, Biden won about 63% of the votes in Maryland, compared to Trump’s nearly 35%.

Manchin, likewise, is in the minority in his state. He’s a Democrat, and West Virginia in early returns went for Trump with nearly 69% of the vote, according to the Associated Press. West Virginia also re-elected Gov. Jim Justice, a Republican who previously was a Democrat.

This article first appeared in the Baltimore Sun


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