What has No Labels Accomplished?

Legislative success
We have a proven track record of bipartisan successes. In July 2013, No Labels unveiled a package of legislative initiatives, all of which were introduced with bipartisan support. Among these common-sense bills are:
• A version of No Budget, No Pay was signed into law by President Obama in early 2013. A permanent version of this act was reintroduced in January 2015.
• The 21st Century Health Care for Heroes Act was signed into law in December 2013 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.
• Take the Time, Save the Dime, a biennial budget bill, passed through committee in February 2014.
• Wasted Energy, Wasted Dollars, a bill to make federal buildings more energy efficient, passed through committee in May 2014.
Establishment of a bipartisan coalition in Congress
No Labels has created a uniquely robust and consistent platform for bipartisan meetings in Congress today. Although it seems obvious that members of Congress would meet regularly with their peers across the aisle, there is essentially no formal system in place. As a result members interested in engaging with both parties are left to their own devices, an unacceptable reality given the dysfunctional climate. No Labels has provided a much-needed solution for a large group of eager participants. In July of 2014 members established the official Problem Solvers Caucus. 
Network of nationwide support
Without a strong body of support, our ideas are just ideas. We have succeeded in attracting the backing of:
• More than 70 U.S. Senators and Representatives
• More than 500,000 citizens
• More than 100 state and local political leaders
• More than 40 college chapters
Media presence 
No Labels has a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by Co-Chair Governor Jon Huntsman that offers a unique opportunity to broadcast our message of problem solving across the country. The show, on SiriusXM’s P.O.T.U.S. channel 124, has featured a range of important guests from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to journalist Tom Brokaw.
We have also written and published two books: No Labels A Shared Vision, and Just the Facts.
We're increasing our profile in the key presidential primary state of Iowa and New Hampshire by running this television ad.  
What’s next?
Building the support networks was the first step, now we are in the process of activating that network for our largest goal yet – the creation and implementation of a National Strategic Agenda. This is a new governing framework based on commonsense goals that have widespread bipartisan support. It is a true experiment in democracy.
The completed National Strategic Agenda will be unveiled in New Hampshire and Iowa on October 5, 2015 just as the presidential election campaign season is ramping up. No Labels will work to inject the agenda into the presidential debate by activating its network of citizens, members of Congress, and state and local leaders across America. No Labels’ ultimate goal is for the next president to call for a National Strategic Agenda, to work with Congress to implement it and to use No Labels’ agenda as the framework.



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