Our Mission

No Labels ensures your voice is heard in politics. We embrace the new politics of problem solving and support courageous leaders pushing back on the extremes and pushing forward solutions to America’s great challenges.

Why We Matter

Like never before, American politics is consumed by partisanship. The far left and far right see one another not as opponents to be debated but as enemies to be destroyed and they are crowding out mainstream voices in both parties.


No Labels represents you, the vast majority of Americans – tens of millions of citizens – who are fed up with the dysfunction in our politics and will no longer tolerate a government that can’t or won’t work together to address the challenges facing America.

We Are Not A Third Party, But Rather A Third Bloc.

No Labels brings leaders to the middle where problems get solved; work gets done for you; solutions are turned on. We are not a third party, but rather a third bloc – a coalition of real people from every neighborhood in America determined to forge solutions on the issues we are facing, from the economy to health care, jobs to climate change, gun safety to immigration, infrastructure, the national debt, and beyond.

We are not beholden to either party or any special interests. We are beholden to you, alone, and to ensuring practical solutions that have a lasting impact. We don’t care where the policy ideas come from, so long as they are good ones that make America stronger, more prosperous and more united.