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The problem with Congress is not the people. It's a set of outdated rules that govern the institution and now make it almost impossible to accomplish anything.

Rule changes will require a push from the people. Congress won't fix itself. But citizens can do something to end the gridlock.

No Labels is a group of 400,000 Republicans, Democrats and Independents, a citizen movement from across the country dedicated to a simple proposition: we want our government to work again — for the people.

No Labels proposes a 12-point plan offering straightforward answers to break the gridlock, promote constructive discussion and reduce polarization in Congress. All but one of these proposals can be adopted immediately.

A bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate that requires Congress to pass a federal budget in order to be paid. No budget, no pay. No more continuing resolutions and paychecks.

We must work together and take the first step: E-mail, call or write your congressional representatives and ask them one simple question: Do you favor the 12 rule changes No Labels has proposed, and if so, how will you be supporting these reforms?

You can review these rule changes; go to

The future of our country requires us to take action — now.


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