What Success Looks Like in D.C.

What Success Looks Like in D.C.

What Happens When We Work Together



With Collaboration

Meet the Problem Solvers

We understand that some of America’s biggest successes came from when our leaders reached out across the aisle. So we think big – for No Labels, success means Washington is once again solving our critical challenges through commonsense solutions.

The two biggest pieces of legislation in the past decade — the 2010 Affordable Care Act and the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — were both passed along party-line votes. In the past, party-line votes used to rarely happen because our elected leaders understood that ramming through huge societal changes with little to no buy-in from the minority party was a recipe for endless discord and division. A situation that we find ourselves in today.

The most consequential and durable changes in America have happened when Democrats and Republicans sat down together and hashed out a deal. We know that these debates are tough and that passions run deep on both sides of the aisle, but America’s greatest leaders need to know they were elected to do a job – and that job is to pass laws and make changes that can make America better than it is today. Almost every landmark achievement in the 20th century was passed this way.

A Look Back

See What Problem Solving Can Accomplish


Creation of Social Security


National Interstate and Defense Highways Act


Civil Rights Act


Voting Rights Act


Reform to Prevent Insolvency of Social Security


Comprehensive Tax Reform


Welfare Reform


Balanced Budget Act

In Conclusion

We are the great American majority who demands cooperation because when we cooperate we do great things. We are not a party, but a bloc in American politics of pragmatic leaders from across the political spectrum.