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A national movement of Democrats, Republicans and independents working to bring our leaders together to solve America’s toughest problems.

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Supreme Court of The United States

Antonin Scalia was confirmed to the Supreme Court 98-0. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed 96-3. Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell voted for both of them. Ketanji Brown Jackson cannot expect such bipartisan approval. But why?

Voting in America

With the Senate hurtling toward a voting rights showdown over the next few days, No Labels is bringing clarity to the issue where there has been almost none. Republicans and Democrats have been fighting over

Debt Limit Dysfunction

Congressional dysfunction is on display as the Senate struggles to pass the annual National Defense Authorization Act — something it has not failed to do in the six decades NDAAs have existed — and to


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June 28, 2022

United America

A movement of all parties, all races, and all creeds coming together to forge the path to our nation's best days yet. No rancor. No division. NO LABELS.

Five Facts on Presidential Executive Orders

Five Facts on Twitter Censorship and Partisanship

Larry Hogan “Workhorses, not show ponies”

Five Facts on Inflation in 2022




There is no group in America doing what No Labels does. For more than a decade, we have worked to bring leaders and citizens together who believe that what unites us as Americans is so much stronger than what divides us. In Congress, we inspired the creation of the bipartisan House Problem Solvers Caucus and an allied group in the Senate. But in 2022, as America faces economic, social, and geopolitical challenges unseen in generations, No Labels is expanding our mission to rally citizens in every corner of our nation to meet the urgency of the moment. Stay tuned here for more details to come this summer.

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