Your congress has been hijacked and the culprit will shock you.

We have 148 days to act.

In the past quarter century, the rules of the House of Representatives have been manipulated and distorted so almost all power resides in the office of the House Speaker.

Once powerful congressional committees have been neutered while rank-and-file members are just along for the ride, empowered to do little more than rubber stamp or resist whatever comes out of the speaker’s office.  This isn’t how the Founders intended it, and it must change now.  The Speaker Project—by No Labels—is a campaign to mobilize citizens to condition their vote in this year’s midterms on a  House candidate’s willingness to vote for the right kind of speaker nominee in the next Congress.  A speaker who: won’t kowtow to the bullies and extremists in their own part, allows the minority party to be heard, supports rule changes that give bipartisan ideas a fighting chance.  If you’ve had it with Washington and you’re looking for a solution that can really “fix the system,” you’ve come to the right place.

Working in the middle is tough but it’s the place problems get solved.

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