Just when our country needs it most, a group of courageous problem solvers in the U.S. House has stepped up with a new bipartisan bill tackling border security and foreign aid.

Our friend Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick unveiled the bill this week, which is helmed by ten co-sponsors split evenly between Republicans and Democrats.

The deal would combine much-needed foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan with significant border security measures—making it a win-win on two of the most critical issues facing America. Find out more about what’s in the bill here.

The sponsors of the bill are in close touch with Rep. Josh Gottheimer, co-chair of the Problem Solvers Caucus, who is working on a complimentary bill related to humanitarian aid that could bolster prospects of attracting more Democrats. Rep. Gottheimer's bill, which will be released Monday, will include $10 billion in humanitarian assistance with strong accountability for Gaza (excluding UNRWA) and other support and security for Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. It also includes resources for Nonprofit Security Grants for U.S. religious institutions and funding for America’s fight against terrorism in the region.

The substance of the bipartisan bill is important but so is the strategy behind it. The downfall of most failed pieces of legislation is that they simply become too big—like Christmas trees with too many ornaments weighing them down, as one of our allies put it. These leaders are approaching this bill the smart way by focusing on the most essential provisions that must pass now, while leaving space to debate other solutions later.

These leaders also had the foresight to already start coordinating and conversing with the Senate—making the deal not only bipartisan, but bicameral. This will help it avoid the fate of the recent Senate bill, which died after it was rejected by House leadership.

The efforts of these leaders are exactly what our country needs so desperately today: courageous and savvy action from those who still believe in governing for all Americans, not just posturing for their party.

We believe in their ability to get this done, and we are here to help in every way we can.

Please sign our petition calling on Congressional leadership to bring this bill to the floor, restore American leadership in critical regions, and secure our border once and for all.

These problems cannot wait until after the election. Fortunately, with the work of these courageous leaders, they don’t have to.


Margaret White