A SOTU Message from No Labels’ Mike Rawlings

A SOTU Message from No Labels’ Mike Rawlings

This Thursday, President Biden will deliver his State of the Union Address to Congress and Republicans will have their own response.

But No Labels wants to ensure the concerns of America’s commonsense majority are front and center, which is why we want to share this video from former Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings – a volunteer No Labels leader who has spent the last few months facilitating a national dialogue with our supporters – on three key issues that demand our leader’s attention.

1. Ending Washington’s Spending Addiction

Both parties have overseen massive increases to our national debt, which now stands at a mind-boggling $34 trillion. It’s put us on an unsustainable path where Washington is now paying $870 billion annually simply on interest on our debt – more than even the $822 billion we’ve devoted to national defense. At the same time, neither President Biden nor former President Trump have outlined a plan to secure Social Security, whose Trust Fund is set to be exhausted within the decade, which could lead to 24% benefit cuts that could double the poverty rate among the elderly. The commonsense majority is looking for a leader with the vision and the courage to prevent a crushing burden from being piled on our children and grandchildren.

2. Securing the Border and Attracting Hardworking Taxpayers

More than 8,000 people try to enter our country illegally every day. This crisis affects crime, our economy, our battle against the addiction epidemic, and so much more. Unfortunately, both parties have spent the past few years either ignoring or weaponizing the issue. America deserves a plan to secure our border while ensuring we have an immigration system that can meet the demands of the 21st century economy.

3. Restoring America’s Global Strength and Leadership

The world is growing more perilous with adversaries like Russia, China, and Iran working to undo the American-led global order. Unfortunately, the extremes of both parties are pushing a form of immoral isolationism that threatens us all. One side wants to abandon Israel, the other wants to abandon Ukraine, and both are undermining our security.

The commonsense majority wants a leader who will engage with our allies and lead Americans as one on the world stage to safeguard our security and our prosperity.

Please watch Mike Rawlings’ message and share it with your network.

Team No Labels.