A Welcome Dissent

A Welcome Dissent

As commander-in-chief, the president often leads the way on U.S. foreign policy. But too often in recent years, Congress has completely abdicated its role in influencing U.S. policy abroad.

So we were heartened by a development over the weekend, when 26 Democrats, including moderates like Rep. Josh Gottheimer and progressives like Rep. Ritchie Torres, co-signed a letter to the Biden administration to question their decision to withhold U.S. weapons for Israel in its war against Hamas just weeks after Congress authorized billions of dollars in aid for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan.

The members write:

“We have a duty to continue to equip Israel with the resources she needs to defend herself and crush the terrorists who also seek to do America harm, free the hostages including the Americans, continue delivering critical humanitarian aid to innocent civilians in Gaza, and to stand by our democratic allies around the world. The President’s unyielding commitment to passing emergency supplemental funding for Israel showed the world our commitment. When we abandon these duties, we leave a vacuum of American leadership for our anti-democratic adversaries to fill.”

In these partisan times, it’s unusual for members of Congress from the President’s party to state their concern so clearly with White House foreign policy decisions. But it’s a welcome change. Our adversaries like Russia, China, and above all, Iran are watching to see if we will abandon our ally in their time of need.

If you agree that President Biden should reconsider the hold on weapons to Israel, please show your support by signing our petition. Your voice can help ensure that the U.S. remains a steadfast ally to Israel in its time of need.

Thanks for doing your part.