The far right and far left are holding America hostage—becoming ever more strident, uncompromising and making governance impossible. They are small in number but drive the national agenda because they are organized, because they vote, contribute to and volunteer for campaigns. In short, they show up, while the vast political center has remained on the sidelines.

No Labels is a movement for the tens of millions of Americans who are fed up with the dysfunction and will no longer put up with a government that does not represent the interests of most Americans.

American politics has been driven by polarization and partisanship before.

But when it really mattered—like in the aftermath of 9/11 or the 2008 financial crisis—our leaders managed, at least for a time, to put the country first and pass critical legislation that made our country stronger, safer and more secure.

But if another black swan event happened tomorrow, could we count on our leaders to rise to the occasion?

It’s a scary question with an uncertain answer. American politics is now consumed by pure tribalism. Our parties no longer view one another as opponents to be debated, but as enemies to be destroyed.

The political center—where we have historically always met to find solutions—is falling apart. And the far left and far right are threatening to hijack both parties.

That’s why the work of No Labels is so important.

Our mission is to build a movement to unite a divided country. We are Democrats, Republicans and independents working to bring our political leaders together to solve our toughest problems and to make our government work. We believe the defining challenges of our time—immigration and border security, health care reform, escalating debt and entitlement crises—can only be solved with buy-in from both political parties.

This provides an opening for a realignment in American politics and No Labels is poised to lead it. We are not a third party, but we are a third bloc emerging as a powerful force inside Washington and across America that is advocating for the powerful idea of unity.

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