Resisting Bullies

Resisting Bullies

In recent weeks, from college campuses to the halls of Congress, we’ve seen how a small minority on the far right and the far left have sought to bully the rest of America into submission to get their way.

On Capitol Hill, far-right extremists who think of nothing more than of boosting their own profile and raising money tried to bend Congress to their will and prevent lawmakers from voting on foreign aid bills for our allies in Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

Meanwhile, on college campuses like Columbia, USC, and George Washington University, far-left protests that some say are about advocating for Palestinians have devolved into rampant antisemitism and intimidation of Jewish students. In America, we are free to speak our mind and to protest, but that right doesn’t extend to the abhorrent – and often illegal – conduct on these campuses.

This is not the America the commonsense majority believes in.

This past week, House Speaker Mike Johnson exemplified true leadership. Faced with pressure from the far-right, he championed bipartisan foreign aid bills – bills that reflect the will of the majority in Congress and across America. Johnson did not yield to the extremists; he stood firm, showing us that courage in leadership can and does prevail.

Meanwhile, lawmakers like Sen. John Fetterman have called out the virulent antisemitism that’s infected the campus protests and the reflexively anti-Israel voices in his own party.

We all learned as children that you need to stand up to bullies or they won’t stop. It’s a lesson that clearly needs to be relearned by many of the leaders of American universities, who should be taking much more decisive action to stop this chaos and to protect students. And more members of Congress must have the courage of Speaker Johnson and Sen. Fetterman to push back against the most extreme voices in their parties.

Join us. Stand with No Labels as we confront these bullies head-on and elevate the voice of the commonsense majority.

Thank you for your commitment to a more united American future.