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Americans' Lack of Faith in Institutions Cited As Great Risk

It's the trend that continues with each passing year: Americans are increasingly losing confidence in U.S. political and social institutions, everything from the presidency, Congress, and the Supreme Court to public schools and news. This led to Eurasia Group naming "The United States vs. itself" the No. 1 risk in the world in 2024.

The worrisome trend isn't about any one political party or set of beliefs, it goes larger across the board.

Citing the same Gallup data as Eurasia Group, Editor-in-Chief of Econvue Lyric Hale said:

"I don’t think this election will be about the economy. People don’t have faith in our political institutions and leadership, which is why I believe the momentum is for a change in leadership, regardless of economic performance. This goes beyond party affiliation."

decline in american confidence, gallup researchGallup / Eurasia Group

It's not just lower confidence: All of the above institutions have dropped to all-time lows in the last year or two, per Gallup.

The lack of faith in institutions is one reason that a Unity presidential ticket could win in November, as Americans are looking for change from the way things have been going. No Labels is looking into a potential independent Unity ticket in 2024 which could bring the country together to help solve our biggest problems.