An Election Season for the Record Books

An Election Season for the Record Books

Midterm elections have historically been lower-profile and lower turnout affairs compared to presidential elections, but 2022 looks to be on track to smash precedent as millions of voters head to the polls today.

Surveys from NBC News, Quinnipiac, and the Morning Consult, show that voter interest is at record highs for a midterm election. NBC reports that 70% of all registered voters say they are enthusiastic to cast their vote this year, and 57% say these midterms are more important to them than past midterms.

That sentiment has already been playing out for weeks at early voting stations across the country. Ohio, South Carolina, and Georgia are among the states breaking midterm early voting records to contribute to the 44 million early votes cast this midterm cycle.

That enthusiasm extends to political giving: Open Secrets reports spending this cycle will exceed $16.7 billion, smashing the previous midterm record of $14 billion in 2018. AdImpact projects spending on campaign ads alone will top the record $9.02 billion spent in 2020.