Biden and DeSantis Unite for Hurricane Ian Recovery

Biden and DeSantis Unite for Hurricane Ian Recovery

It’s no secret that Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis aren’t exactly buddies.

  • DeSantis on Biden: “Obviously, Brandon in the White House is a total disaster.”
  • Biden on DeSantis: He is “playing politics with human beings, using them as props.”

But today, they meet not as politicians or as potential 2024 rivals. They meet as the President and the Governor.

With Hurricane Ian deaths in Florida now topping 100, President Biden and Gov. DeSantis will today put their differences aside to unite on a basic task of government: aiding the public in times of disaster and need.

Said White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre: “There will be plenty of time, plenty of time, to discuss differences between the president and the governor, but now is not the time. When it comes to delivering and making sure that the people of Florida have what they need, especially after Hurricane Ian, we are one. We are working as one.”

According to Politico, “The two men, political enemies who routinely attack each other over a wide range of policy issues, have set aside their differences over the past week to cooperate on massive hurricane recovery efforts.”

They’ve done so before, coming together in the summer of 2021 in the wake of the deadly Surfside condo collapse. At that time, DeSantis told Biden, “You recognized the severity of this tragedy from day one, and you’ve been very supportive.”

We’ll see more of that today. Wouldn’t it be nice to see it every day?