Can you trust anyone or anything?
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Can you trust anyone or anything?

The U.S. government is burning crops to create a food shortage.

London crowds chanted “Let’s Go Brandon” during President Biden’s recent visit.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was on “American Idol.”

Each of these stories went viral online in recent months. All of them are false.

From alleged NASA fakery to political image trickery, disinformation continues to run rampant. Nine out of 10 Americans consider it a problem, and four out of 10 fear they may have spread misinformation without realizing it.

And the hydra of deception is growing. Social media sites designed to attract those with extreme political views are proliferating, and their content is quickly seeping into mainstream social media.

  • One in 16 Americans say these sites — which have 69 million users between them — are their main source of news.

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