Sometime in the next few weeks, the No Labels community will know whether we have identified two candidates with the talent and the courage to represent our Unity presidential ticket.

I want to focus on that second trait in particular.


It may be the most important element of political leadership and yet it is so often absent in our politics today.

It’s so rare to find leaders with the courage to tell the truth, to do the right thing, and to put country over party.

But those are the kinds of leaders No Labels is working to find for the Unity presidential ticket.

It is not easy. Both parties have now recognized the threat posed by a Unity ticket. They know two thirds of Americans want something better than a rematch of the 2020 election. And they know Americans will vote for a different choice if they are offered it. So our broken two-party duopoly has mobilized to try to ensure voters don’t have this choice. It was just announced that the Democratic National Committee has hired an entire team whose sole purpose is to crush independent candidacies with legal challenges and nasty attacks.

As someone who spent his life as a Democrat – and marched in the 1960s to fight against these kinds of tactics to disenfranchise voters – I am frankly ashamed of my party.

But I am inspired by the No Labels movement, and by the common sense majority that continues to root us on.

We’ve said it before: It will not be easy to find candidates with the courage to serve on a Unity ticket. But we will continue our search because that’s what the voters want and our country needs.


Senator Joe Lieberman
No Labels Founding Chairman