Is Our Democracy Working?

Is Our Democracy Working?

You arrive at your polling place on Election Day. There are 11 people ahead of you in line.

Just one of them thinks U.S. democracy is working “very well.” Six of them don’t think it’s working at all.

That’s the startling news from a new AP-NORC poll on the state of democracy. Other findings:

  • Only about half of Americans are confident that votes will be counted accurately next month.
  • The number of Republicans who think U.S. democracy is not working well has doubled since 2020.
  • Just one in four Americans feels optimism about the state of our election process.

That’s what happens when leaders and candidates question the fairness and integrity of elections. Two out of five Republicans now say a GOP loss in November would likely be the result of fraud, while one in four Democrats say the same about a loss for their side. It’s nothing new: A year after Donald Trump was elected, one in four Democrats believed he was an illegitimate president. Today, seven in 10 Republicans believe President Biden was not legitimately elected.

We want to know what you think: Do you think democracy is working in the U.S.?