No Labels is the nation’s preeminent source for nonpartisan policy ideas. We are not beholden to either party or any special interests. We don’t care where the policy ideas come from, so long as they are good ones that make America stronger, more prosperous and more united.

Beyond Redistricting and Campaign Finance

Read the full policy brief from No Labels and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.

Break the Gridlock

On June 21, No Labels released The Speaker Project reform booklet, which called for using the election of a new speaker as leverage to make rule changes that force Congress to be responsive to the will of the American people.

On July 25, the House Problem Solvers Caucus heeded the call, with the release of its own Break The Gridlock reform package, which features the same core goals and many of the same ideas originally offered in The Speaker Project.

The Speaker Project

The Speaker Project begins with the premise that no real change will come to Washington until congressional rules are changed in a way that forces the body to be responsive to the will of the American people.

This book outlines a strategy for how the American people can use the election of the next House speaker as leverage to make these changes happen.

Policy Playbook

This booklet features 60 discrete policy ideas that would advance the four goals in No Labels’ National Strategic Agenda; create 25 million jobs over the next ten years, secure Social Security and Medicare for the next 75 years, balance the budget by 2030, make America energy secure by 2024. Virtually every idea was supported by over 60% of the American people in nationwide polling.

The Make It Work Series

It’s easy to blame politicians for America’s dysfunctional politics and they certainly deserve their share of the blame. But many of our government institutions are hopelessly outdated and reinforce the very partisanship No Labels is fighting against, making it difficult for even well-intended leaders to get things done. No Labels has released a series of Make It Work! booklets that feature institutional and process reform ideas that can make our government more responsive and accountable to the American people.

Make Congress Work
Make Government Work
Make The Presidency Work
Make America Work

A Shared Vision For A Stronger America

No Labels: A Shared Vision for a Stronger America lays out a path for our leaders to once around rally around common goals and a common sense of purpose for leaders and citizens

Just the Facts

Just the Facts provides a no-nonsense look at the true causes of our nation’s most serious problems and explores the real policy choices that confront our leaders.