Let them vote

Let them vote

A few courageous members of Congress are making a last-ditch effort to prevent America from destroying itself.

It’s time for the No Labels movement to get behind these problem solvers and support them with everything we’ve got.

These bipartisan members – led by Representatives Brian Fitzpatrick and Jared Golden and eight other cosponsors – have released a pared-down proposal that combines significant border security measures with much-needed aid to our allies in Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

We need the No Labels community to send an unambiguous message to House Speaker Mike Johnson, who has the sole authority to put this proposal up for a vote. LET THEM VOTE on the bill.


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This bipartisan proposal could represent the last chance for Washington to address these issues in 2024. If it fails to pass, the consequences are predictable and catastrophic.

At home, hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants will continue to flow across our border every month. Abroad, America will be abandoning our allies in their time of need and strengthening the hands of Hamas, Russia, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Everyone in Washington understands this. Most want to do something about it. Just last week the Senate passed a bipartisan bill 70-29.

But that Senate bill is going nowhere in the House thanks to election-year politics. Once again, cynical members of Congress – and candidates on the campaign trail – have decided they would rather run on the immigration issue and blame the other side for the problem, than to do the hard work to solve it.

The No Labels movement won’t stand by and let this travesty continue, and fortunately, Representatives Fitzpatrick and Golden and their brave colleagues won’t either. They are working tirelessly to get more support for their bipartisan proposal in both the House and the Senate and they are in close touch with Representative Josh Gottheimer, who is advancing a separate proposal related to humanitarian aid.

But the ultimate fate of these proposals lies with one person:

House Speaker Mike Johnson.

He alone has the power to put a bill on the floor for a vote, which is exactly what he should do immediately with these bipartisan proposals.

Please add your voice to the growing chorus of commonsense Americans who demand action to secure our border and to protect American allies abroad. Please tell House Speaker Mike Johnson to LET THEM VOTE.


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If the Fitzpatrick-Golden proposal doesn’t get a vote, that means these issues almost certainly won’t be addressed before the next election.

Can anyone honestly support the claim that the best thing for America is to punt these issues into 2025?

Of course they can’t. They can claim it’s better for them politically or for their party. But it isn’t good for the country and deep down they know it.

Congress, let’s get to work. Speaker Johnson, LET THEM VOTE.

Ryan Clancy

No Labels