More determined than ever

More determined than ever

By now, most of you have heard the news that we are ending our 2024 unity ticket effort. In doing so, we are staying true to our word - that if we were unable to find candidates with a viable path to victory, we would step aside.

It is the responsible thing to do in this case, but it does not change how we feel about the choice America faces in this election. In fact, it leaves us more determined than ever to fix the fundamental problems that led America to this moment.

Those problems were on display as we worked on this project, including the intimidation tactics and smear campaigns by the political establishment, which even went so far as to set up a phony clone of our website designed to make us look like extremists. We stood in the arena and took the fight head on, and our message struck a chord with millions who feel exhausted and betrayed by our two parties.

Our mission now is to build a movement for those voters that outlasts this election and delivers enduring change to American politics. It’s a task that, despite overwhelming need and demand, no other group appears willing to take on, yet it's the logical extension of our 14-year record that includes founding the Problem Solvers Caucus and helping hatch major bipartisan legislative wins such as the infrastructure bill.

We've always been a movement of action rather than words, and that continues in this election. While there won’t be a unity ticket to support, we’ll work to influence both candidates and inject commonsense solutions into the debate. We’ll also lend our support to congressional candidates who can help rebuild the shrinking center in Congress and establish a beachhead for future gains.

We'll also recommit to the basics of movement building—grassroots, issues advocacy, and raising our voices as citizens and voters. That’s how we’ll gather more Americans to our banner and enter 2026 and 2028 with enough momentum to begin turning the tide.

Beyond that, our plans are still being written, but rest assured that No Labels is not done with big ideas. And we'll need big ideas in the coming years. Our country has some difficult days ahead. Our division will almost certainly get worse before it gets better.

For now, everyone involved in this movement should be incredibly proud. Your courage and vision changed the conversation around this election and our accomplishments are a foundation for all that's to come. It’s okay to grieve the end of this project, but we need to get back on the field quickly.

There is work to do, and our country needs us more than ever.

Thank you for your dedication to this cause.