More Say U.S. Is United — but Vast Majority Still Say It Is Not

More Say U.S. Is United — but Vast Majority Still Say It Is Not

More Americans are starting to say the country is united — though there’s a long way to go to convince the rest.

A new YouGov poll finds that 12% of Americans believe the country is “very united” or “somewhat united” — a poor showing, but better than the six percent who said so in the immediate aftermath of January 6.

What unites us the most is the feeling that we’re not united.

Said YouGov’s Carl Bialik: “I’m struck by how uniform the belief is that the country is divided, not united. More than 60% agree, [across] age, race, party, region, gender, and income groups. For the country, a sense of division appears to be a unifying belief.”

And the mood has not improved since President Biden took office. Just 19% of respondents believe the country is more united now than it was on the day Biden took office, while 45% say the country is even more divided now.

No Labels has been doing the work of unity for more than 12 years, building connections between lawmakers of different parties and working to promote bipartisan legislation. It is only through such steps that a return to unity is possible.


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