New, fresh leadership for America

New, fresh leadership for America

The “Is” and the “Aren’t”

It has been a full week since we told you about our citizen-led effort to make sure Americans have a real choice in 2024 – especially if both major parties give their nominations to divisive and broadly unpopular candidates who would only inspire apathy.

What has been a pleasant surprise: How much positive reaction we have gotten from all of you, from folks all around the country who see the necessity of laying the groundwork to ensure that Americans from all backgrounds have a chance to nominate a Presidential ticket that reflects their values and who will bring the nation together around two-party solutions, rather than further divide us. From online reaction to the original David Brooks New York Times column announcing the plan, to messages from all of you, and questions about how to get involved and help, we have been so heartened to see just how broad-based the support for our project is. Even the sky is not the limit, as this tweet from former Space Shuttle pilot and International Space Station commander Terry Virts proves:

Less pleasant, and, unfortunately, not surprising at all: The misleading effort by those – especially on Twitter!! -- to mischaracterize what we are doing and why.

So as you talk to your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about what we are planning, please keep these basic points in mind.


· Getting ballot access in place in all 50 states and D.C. so there can be a No Labels ticket to vote for in the 2024 general election if both major parties choose extreme candidates, driving voters to apathy.

· Building up our grassroots army bigger than ever before, made up of folks like you who want new leadership and support policies that will bring us together as a nation rather than divide us more.

· Putting together an issues agenda of real solutions that will energize America’s families and communities – an agenda that will be vital to the 2024 conversation regardless of whether a candidate runs on the No Labels line or not.


· Starting a third party to compete with Democrats, Republicans or any other party.

· Using the No Labels ballot line no matter what.

· Taking any steps that would further divide the country or tip the election to one side or the other.

This movement, as always, is powered by folks like you, who are motivated by love of country and a rejection of the status quo, not by special interests or a craving for power.

So keep spreading the word, including forwarding that David Brooks column around to your lists if you haven’t already

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And we would love you to send us your ideas about how to build up our community even more.

We will of course keep you posted on all the inevitable twists and turns in the weeks and months ahead.

This work is both exciting and important. And we are so grateful to have you along with us for the wild ride.