An important statement from No Labels

An important statement from No Labels

No Labels has been working quietly, and with great determination, to provide an option to nominate an independent presidential candidate in 2024, with the aim to allow every American a real choice and chance to participate in our democracy. Now, as our effort accelerates, we want to clarify some fundamental beliefs and guardrails that govern this effort.

No Labels has said this is an insurance policy in the event both major parties nominate presidential candidates that the vast majority of Americans don’t want. If this happens, No Labels itself will not run a candidate, but we will have the launching pad, specifically in the form of ballot access across the country.

Make no mistake, an independent candidate would absolutely have a path to victory. The American public has rarely been more pessimistic about the future and more frustrated with our politics and our political leadership. No Labels has extensively polled and modeled voters in all 50 states, and our latest numbers show that an independent would draw votes equally from both major parties and could win outright in the Electoral College.

Political conditions change fast, and No Labels’ 2024 strategy will shift accordingly. At some point in the future, it could become clear that the public doesn’t want an independent ticket or that there is no path for one to win. Or we could find that there are no candidates with broad appeal or the courage to take on this challenge. If that happens, No Labels will not offer our ballot line to any presidential ticket. No one at No Labels has any interest in fueling a spoiler effort.

It is time for the center of this country to have a voice and a seat at the table. The commonsense majority in America is strong, growing, and ready to be heard.

Those who think otherwise are misreading the public.

For the many Americans who know this country can do and be better, you will find a home with No Labels.