No Labels statement on voter suppression by Arizona Democratic party

No Labels statement on voter suppression by Arizona Democratic party

Washington, D.C. – Three and a half weeks ago, the Arizona Secretary of State completed its final review of No Labels’ petition for presidential ballot access signed by tens of thousands of Arizonans who want another choice on the ballot in 2024. On March 7th, Democratic Secretary of State Adrian Fontes found that No Labels had exceeded the minimum signature requirement and was therefore qualified under Arizona law to put candidates on the ballot for federal, statewide, and legislative races in both primary and general elections.

Now, the Arizona Democratic Party is suing Democratic Secretary of State Fontes, election supervisors from across the state, and No Labels to revoke that status in a baseless lawsuit designed to thwart the will of the people and eliminate competition. The lawsuit states the Arizona Democratic Party’s belief that having a No Labels candidate on the ballot will “make it more difficult to elect Democratic Party candidates.”

“We live in a democracy, people have a right in Arizona, and across the country, to make their own choices of who they are going to vote for,” says renowned civil rights leader and No Labels Co-Chair, Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. “Anyone who stands in the way of that sacred right is committing an act of voter suppression. This is politics of fear and Arizonans should not stand for it.”

“This undemocratic and outrageous lawsuit is a national disgrace,” says Ryan Clancy, chief strategist for No Labels. “Next time you hear this crowd talking about protecting democracy, remember what they are really doing is protecting their turf. No Labels is confident that the court will uphold the Secretary of State’s decision to certify No Labels in Arizona.”

The American people have had it with political leaders who fixate on yesterday’s hatreds and grievances instead of focusing on the future. It should come as no surprise that the number of independent voters in Arizona is growing and getting more frustrated with their current choices.

No Labels is working to ensure Americans have the choice to vote for a 2024 presidential ticket that features strong, effective, and honest leaders who will commit to working closely with both parties to find commonsense solutions to America’s biggest problems.

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