No Labels Movement Wins Ballot Access in 10 States


Washington, DC – No Labels, a groundbreaking movement giving a voice to America’s commonsense majority, is thrilled to announce that our movement has successfully won ballot access in 10 states, with a 4-1 decision by the North Carolina Board of Elections approving a new No Labels party in the state this weekend.

The ten states are: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota and Utah.

“The No Labels movement has achieved a significant milestone, winning ballot access in 10 states,” said civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin J. Chavis, National Co-Chair of No Labels. “This is a historic victory for Americans who have said loud and clear they want more choices at the ballot box. The spirit of democracy is winning in America today.”

Since its founding in 2009, No Labels has been unwavering in its dedication to breaking down the barriers of hyper-partisanship and cultivating a spirit of unity among elected officials from both sides of the aisle. The organization is focused on common-sense policy solutions, practical compromise and cross-party collaboration, aimed at addressing the pressing challenges facing the nation.

“The No Labels movement winning ballot access in 10 states is a milestone and there are many more to come, because the American people so clearly want more choices on the ballot in 2024. Our message of commonsense resonates in communities across the nation,” said former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, National Co-Chair of No Labels.

In a survey released last week of registered voters in the top eight presidential battleground states, 63%, said they are open to voting for a moderate independent ticket in the event of a Biden-Trump rematch. 69% supported groups like No Labels getting on the ballot in case an independent wants to run for president.

Since its founding in 2009, No Labels has spent 13 years working to give voice to America’s commonsense majority. Now, No Labels is working to get ballot access in states across the country, and we may offer our ballot line to an independent Unity presidential ticket if that’s what the American people clearly want.

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