No Labels Poll Asks What Voters Want in 2024

No Labels Poll Asks What Voters Want in 2024

Last week, we asked some of our Citizen Leaders to reflect on the 2022 midterms and look ahead to the 2024 presidential election.

What they told us shows Americans are ready for a change.

First, we asked which traits voters would like to see in their choices for president.

One representative response: “Successful executive branch leadership. Temperament and moderation. Demonstrated ability to lead both sides of the aisle and implement legislation strategically benefiting the nation.”

Another added: “Absolute ability to put country before party or self. Focus on issues that are truly meaningful and are critical to the country, not politically motivated matters. Willingness to reaching real compromise.”

We also asked the survey respondents which issues were most important to them and their families. One person summed up a sentiment we saw often: “Resolving the political polarization so our elected representatives would actually work on solving issues facing our country.”

As for a slogan for a potential unity ticket, one suggestion: “No party line to tow, only what's best for citizens.”