No Labels Unity Ticket Selection Process

No Labels Unity Ticket Selection Process

Last Friday, No Labels’ 800 delegates from all 50 states voted near unanimously to continue our process to field a Unity presidential ticket in 2024. Even though both major parties have settled on their presidential nominees, it’s clear the American people are still searching for another choice.

Today, No Labels is taking the next step toward providing it by announcing our process to choose the candidates for a Unity ticket.

From our inception 14 years ago, No Labels has always been driven forward by the grassroots of our movement and they have taken the lead to help us find candidates for this ticket. Since late last year, No Labels National Convention Chair Mike Rawlings has been hosting a rolling national dialogue with the No Labels community – with dozens of virtual meetings – where we asked participants a simple question, “What kind of leaders do you want to see on the No Labels Unity ticket?” We have taken all this feedback in, which has given us a much clearer view of the kinds of candidates Americans want to see in 2024.

Now, No Labels has drawn from our community to create the Country Over Party Committee, which is a diverse group of citizen leaders in charge of identifying candidates for a Unity ticket.

The Country Over Party Committee, of which I am a member, is leading a rigorous process to ensure potential candidates embrace the governing values of the No Labels movement and the key elements of our Common Sense policy booklet. If we find two candidates that meet our high threshold, we will recommend that ticket to No Labels' delegates for a nomination vote at a National Nominating Convention that will be held later this spring.

I’m excited to share this video below – featuring Mike Rawlings – which explains this entire selection process in full.

This is an exciting step forward for No Labels and for the country, but we still have a ways to go. We are searching for candidates with values and ideas that reflect those of the commonsense majority as well as the courage to challenge America’s broken two-party duopoly. If No Labels is unable to find candidates who meet this high threshold, then we simply will not offer our ballot line to anyone.

The Republican and Democratic party establishment doesn’t agree on much. But they are in total agreement that they should own your vote. They don’t want additional choices in the political marketplace and they’ve worked relentlessly to prevent No Labels from offering that choice.

But we remain undeterred and confident in our mission because we know we have America’s vast commonsense majority behind us.

We’ll be excited to share more updates in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, onward!


Senator Joe Lieberman
No Labels Founding Chairman