No Labels Wins Ballot Access In Maine For 2024 Election

No Labels Wins Ballot Access In Maine For 2024 Election


WASHINGTON, D.C. – No Labels, a growing movement of commonsense Americans, has successfully won ballot access in Maine. This will enable No Labels to offer its ballot line to a Unity presidential ticket for the 2024 election.

The legal requirement for an organization to get ballot access in Maine is to sign up 5,000 party members. No Labels has been working to reach voters in all 16 of the state’s counties and as of today we have a total of 9,423 No Labels party members. We will continue to add party members through the November 2024 election.

No Labels is NOW on the ballot in 13 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, South Dakota and Utah. We are currently active – meaning we have already filed for ballot access or are actively gathering signatures – in 14 others.

“This milestone validates what has been clear for a long time, which is that the No Labels message and movement resonates with people across this great state,” said Justin Schair, No Labels Maine State Co-Chair. “The majority of us in the middle are hungry for a better choice in this next election and for unifying leadership in the White House that can heal our country’s divisions. Getting No Labels on the ballot in Maine brings us a big step closer to making this happen.”

One third of all Maine voters are unaffiliated with either major party, and many Democrats and Republicans in the state are also dissatisfied with their party’s likely presidential nominees for 2024.

“In this great democracy of ours, Americans don’t just have the right to vote. They also have the right to decide who they can vote for by petitioning to get new parties and new candidates on the ballot,” said Gov. Jay Nixon (D-MO), No Labels Director of Ballot Integrity. “This is democracy in action and we look forward to continue bringing more Mainers into our movement in the months ahead.”

Since its founding in 2009, No Labels has worked to give voice to America’s commonsense majority. Now, No Labels is working to get ballot access in states across the country, and we may offer our ballot line to an independent Unity presidential ticket if that’s what the American people clearly want.