Problem Solvers On CBS Tomorrow Morning

Problem Solvers On CBS Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow on Face the Nation on CBS, Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick and Rep. Jared Golden, two of our most stalwart Problem Solvers in the House, will be giving an important update on their new bipartisan Defending Democracies, Defending Borders Act. We’re asking our movement to tune in and hear directly from these champions of bipartisanship tomorrow at 10:30 AM ET.

Their appearance comes on the heels of a call they hosted with No Labels citizens yesterday afternoon. On the call, they shared a stark warning of the implications of Congress failing to act to secure our border and get security assistance to our allies.

Rep. Fitzpatrick, who recently returned from a visit to Ukraine, underscored the importance of aligning with nations that share our democratic values, highlighting the long-term global battle for freedom and democracy. Rep. Golden reminded us that aiding Ukraine and our allies in Israel and Taiwan transcends partisan politics—it's about securing America's interests and bolstering our economy through support of the manufacturing sector.

Both members feel America faces a simple choice: supply arms today or face the dire prospect of sending young Americans to fight abroad tomorrow. They say standing up to dictators like Putin is not just a matter of principle but a necessity, as history has repeatedly shown us. With Ukraine facing a critical timeline to turn the tide of the war, the passage of this bill cannot wait.

Just as importantly, their legislation makes needed improvements to our border security to manage our historic immigration crisis. Their bill includes straightforward, effective solutions—like reinstating Title 42 and making "Remain in Mexico" mandatory—that we know will help address what many Americans now view as the single biggest problem for the country. As Rep. Fitzpatrick put it, “As the world’s oldest and strongest democracy, the United States’ primary responsibility must be to secure its own borders.”

Our Problem Solvers are exploring all avenues to ensure their bill reaches the floor because once there, they believe it will pass. This isn't just about foreign policy or border security; it's about affirming our national values and economic interests while far too many in Congress are consumed by isolationism and inaction.

The call's sentiment was clear: bipartisan solutions are not only possible; they're essential to meeting the demands of the world today. Fitzpatrick, Golden and their colleagues are challenging the status quo, armed with the conviction that cooperation can and will lead to meaningful progress.

Now, it's our turn to stand with them. Be sure to tune in to CBS tomorrow and show your support for Reps. Fitzpatrick and Golden.