Putin and the extremes in U.S. politics

Putin and the extremes in U.S. politics

The war in Ukraine isn’t just a humanitarian catastrophe—it’s a massive threat to U.S. national security.

Since the war began, Congress has mostly put aside its partisanship to provide aid to the Ukrainian military that has allowed Kyiv to turn the tide against Russia’s invading forces. Unfortunately, some members of both parties in Congress are casting doubt on America’s commitment to continue supporting Ukraine in its fight.

On the right, some are urging Congress to set limits on aid should Republicans win back the House or Senate after the midterms. On the left, progressives were forced to walk back a letter urging the White House to sit down with Russian President Vladimir Putin to try and negotiate for peace. These stances don’t line up with the 72% of Americans who support sending additional aid to Ukraine so that it can continue to defend itself.

The world is looking to the United States for leadership, and we need to deliver. Fortunately, there are still enough leaders on both sides of the aisle who respect the will of the people and stand resolutely in support of Ukraine.

We want to know what you think. Should the U.S. negotiate with Putin on Ukraine?