Neither the Democratic Party nor the Republican Party has clean hands.

Each side has extremists who are destroying Americans’ faith in our government, and No Labels will never hesitate to call out both sides.

But sometimes, both sides aren’t the problem. Sometimes, one side – or even one person – is the problem, and that brings us to Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene.

She continues to move forward with her selfish and chaotic campaign to remove House Speaker Mike Johnson from office. A vote is scheduled for this week, and it’s time for the No Labels community to let her know that the commonsense majority has had it with her reckless shenanigans.

Click here to visit Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Facebook page and leave a message telling her to stop putting her own political interests ahead of the country’s.

Rep. Taylor Greene is constantly sending out fundraising requests bragging about standing up to the "establishment" and begging for people to give more money to her campaign because her back is “up against the wall.” Credit where it’s due: She’s good at getting attention and stirring controversy. But do you know what she’s not good at?


Since coming to Congress in 2021, Rep. Taylor Greene has not had a single bill she wrote or sponsored signed into law. One reason is because she isn’t remotely interested in working with the opposing party. Cue the evidence:

  • The Lugar Center’s annual bipartisan index ranks her 434th out of 435 members.
  • Of the 71 bills she’s sponsored, only one had a Democratic co-sponsor, and that was a resolution congratulating the University of Georgia for winning the college football championship.
  • Of the 316 bills she has cosponsored, only eight of them were sponsored by Democrats and six of those were to rename buildings or honor famous people.

Meanwhile, she’s voted to impeach President Biden six times and his cabinet officials six more times. She rarely has anything of substance to say and her entire public service career appears to be a vehicle to get herself on TV and raise money. We don’t say this lightly, but Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with American politics today.

Please take a moment to go to her Facebook page and tell her to stop her campaign to unseat House Speaker Mike Johnson. If she succeeds, all she will achieve is shutting down the U.S. House at a dangerous moment when America can’t afford this kind of nonsense.

No Labels community: Please make your voice heard.